Monday, June 20, 2005

Monster in Los Angeles

Well I've finally managed to get contact with the Monster. Apparently he has just arrived in Los Angeles and wanted take you on a Monster's tour through Los Angeles. Naturally I agreed to his suggestion, so for the rest of the day the Monster will have control of the site, more or less.


Monster in Los Angeles, great city. Monster smart. He know that LA Monsters and Peoples judge a man or a monster by his wheels. So Monster make sure to drive a vehicle that nobody can look down on. Monster the greatest! Plus, it handles really well.

Monster staying in this hotel, the Ayres Suites. Monster say, good hotel this hotel be. Stay there all the time, Monster advises. Monster love free morning bacon policy. Hooray for Ayres Suites.

Monster going to get on the road now for our first stop. Monster say getta outta me face.

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