Monday, June 06, 2005

Dirty Harry

I've been singing the praises of the new Gorillaz album for a little while. For the record, I think it's pretty good. Dirty Harry, a sequel of sorts to a single off their first album (Clint Eastwood) has a rap provided by Bootie Brown. Here is a section of it.
Chill with your old lady at the tilt
I got a 90 days digit
And I'm filled with guilt
From things that I've seen
Your water's from a bottle
mine's from a canteen

At night I hear the shots
Ring so I'm a light sleeper
The cost of life,
it seems to get cheaper
out in the desert
with my street sweeper
The war is over
So said the speaker with the flight suit on
Maybe to him I'm just a pawn
So he can advance
Remember when I used to dance
Man, all I want to do is dance
Good lyrics, and I think they have a bit of a message in them.

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