Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Way Down Now

Paul Weyrich, who is trying to build his brand as a serious political commentator, has written an article arguing that Republicans should in fact vote for Republicans. If he really wants to be taken seriously, though, he might want to check his facts a bit more thoroughly.
I realize that Republicans impeached President William J. Clinton. He was only the second President to be impeached. There are those Democrats who are still angry about that action. But Clinton was impeached for perjury. Bush and Cheney would be impeached for "lying us into war." I disagreed with the Iraq conflict. But to suggest that the President and Vice President deliberately lied to get us there is over the top. I believe our President meant well and I surely do not want to see him tried.
First of all we are not going to impeach Bush and Cheney for lying us into the war. If we decide to impeach them it will be for actual high crimes and misdemeanors, of which there have been quite a few.

Secondly, President Bush is doing a lousy job in the war on terror and more and more Americans are waking up to this fact. While it might not be feasible to remove him and Cheney from power, if we could I'd be bang up along side it. But it looks like actually impeaching him and Cheney is a bit of a long shot, so we'll have to settle for simply watching over them. Investigating them. Protecting America from an out of control Executive Branch. Whatever you want to call it.

Which is kind of what Congress is supposed to do anyway.

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