Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Democrats are Opposed to Sexual Predators

It's telling that I need to make this point, but in the face of many of our Republican's responses to the Foley Follies, I feel required to say it. Take, for example, young Ben Shapiro's latest article.
Democrats cannot condemn Foley for his proclivity for 16-year-old boys; they are the party that supports both homosexuality and reduced age of consent. Democrats cannot condemn Foley for his exploitation of Capitol Hill employees; they are the party that calls such exploitative imbalance-of-power situations "matters of personal choice."

On what moral basis do Democrats condemn Foley? They have no basis for moral outrage, since they have championed the destruction of traditional morality for decades.
Of course there's a difference between an adult like Monica Lewinsky and a 16 year old page; but it's a difference Republicans have trouble seeing, largely because it's not in their political best interest to see it. Representative Foley was preying in minors; that's something members of both parties should condemn. Obviously the hypocrisy exhibited by Foley (and others who looked the other way) bears noting, but it doesn't eclipse the awfulness of Foley's action.

And it's shameful the way Shapiro distorts the record to make it seem like Democrats would feel otherwise.

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