Monday, October 16, 2006

Raising the Level of Discourse

"Humorist" Burt Prelutsky 's latest article has an intriguing title - "The Religious Left." I thought for a moment he was going to deal with groups like the Christian Alliance for Progress, but of course he wasn't. Instead it was another article in which Prelutsky just doesn't try that hard. His reference to the Religious left is stilted and tacked on.
Liberals who are aware that I'm not religious sometimes take me to task for not criticizing the religious Right with the same zeal I bring to bear on what I refer to as the religious Left. (For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to those zealots whose bible is the Gospel According to James Carville. The prophets of the faith include Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.)
That's some sharp satire there. Why exactly is it the Gospel according to James Carville? If there's a point to this article it's that Prelutsky doesn't oppose abortion, but he really really doesn't like liberals. So please focus on the hating liberals part not his failure to oppose abortion.

His final point is a masterpiece of nastiness, just to underscore how much he hates liberals.
I honestly don't know how any of the high-ranking Democrats can bear to look at themselves in the mirror when they shave in the morning. But if I ever run into Hillary Rodham Clinton, I'll be sure to ask her.
This is how I know that Weyrich's new conservativism is a pipe dream. Because hating liberals is like a drug to Conservatives and they have to have regular fixes. Unless Weyrich can wean Conservatives off of liberal hatred, his hopes to build a new Conservative coalition are so much nonsense.

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