Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm somewhat wary about getting my hopes up about the forthcoming elections. I think the Democrats will do good - but I've counted my chickens before they hatched before. That said, Cal Thomas's article has to give Democrats a bit of cheer. It's entitled "The case for continuing the GOP majority." Bear in mind that Cal Thomas is well known as a partisan conservative and that he is plainly addressing a conservative Republican audience.

And he feels the need to write an article arguing that it would be better to have their guys stay in power.

That's delightful.

The argument is about what you'd expect. Yeah the Republicans suck domestically, and yeah Foleygate is an embarrassment, but if you don't vote for Republicans how are we going to kill the Muslims? Or defend America? Which of course to Cal Thomas are more or less the same thing. But you have to enjoy that they are asking the question at all.

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