Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Find Myself A City To Live In

The Talking Heads are great.

Any writing some more on the investigatory power, in response to an article by Paul Greenburg about Paul Krugman and the investigatory power.
There you have it, folks. Give the Democrats control of the House or Senate, or both, and you won't have to worry about any legislation of great import being passed - as Dr. Krugman was honest enough to note. Instead, boy oh boy, the country can spend the next couple of years as tied up in investigations as it was during the Clinton Era of Bad Feelings. Hot dawg!

This could be the greatest thing since sliced bread - or at least since Monicagate.

In short, as an argument for electing a Democratic Congress, Dr. Krugman's column makes a pretty good case for re-electing a Republican one. If just to avoid wasting a couple of years on scandalmongering.
A couple of points.

Isn't it funny for a Republican to note that the public doesn't want Monica style investigations? I mean Greenburg does remember that his party was the one who pushed that, right?

But of course we aren't going to be doing Monica style investigations. We are going to be doing Watergate investigations, looking into how President Bush and his allies have subverted the constitution and our country to their own ends. That's about as far from Monica style investigations as you can get, while still doing investigations.

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