Friday, October 27, 2006

I don't think Republicans are a bunch of Orgres

Contrary to what the title of Mike Gallaghers latest article suggests.

But I don't know what an Orgres is. So maybe I do think Republicans are a bunch of Orgres and just don't know it.

Here's a saved saved version of the page.

Anyway the substance of the article is about a recent incident involving Michael J. Fox. He appeared in a commercial in support of a Democrat candidate speaking out in favor of stem cell research. Rush Limbaugh suggested he was faking it (he's an actor as you know). Rush Limbaugh then decided he was really upset about Fox being exploited. This article is about how as much as they have sympathy for Michael J. Fox and others who are suffering like him, Republicans don't want to do the research that could help them.

He does trot out the bizarre argument that if you are pro-life you shouldn't have to pay for research you don't like. I'm opposed to the Iraq war; should I have to pay for it? Why yes. Because only Christians get the special privilege of not having to pay for government programs they are opposed to.

And that's without mentioning the obvious point that if Pro-Lifers really think it's murder, why are they ok with private citizens doing it?

So poor Mr. Galleghar had to suffer the slings and arrows of republicans paying the price when they say something stupid. Poor guy. Poor Rush. Poor Ann Coulter (who he also references as someone unfairly targeted by the media who can't stop putting her on and giving her leave to express her vies). I hope those Orgres will be able to hold up under the strain.

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