Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Newsflash; Republicans believe Democrats not ready to lead

Or at least Tony Blankley believes that, as evidenced by his latest article. He starts out talking about an elephant attack in India, made all the more shocking because the Indian people rely on Elephants to do the heavy lifting. I think he intends that to be a metaphor.

He then goes on to complain about how we Democrats aren't putting forward our plans for what we want to do after retaking power, and comparing us unfavorably to both the Republican Takeover of Congress in 94 and the Labour partys return to power in Great Britain. In both those cases they were unified, and they had a coherent plan for what they wanted to do when taking power. Democrats, in contrast, are not unified, and the party has decided not to nationalize this election. This shows that Democrats don't have any ideas.

Which is, in fact, the opposite of the problem. Democrats have too many ideas and too many constituencies to pull it all together in a neat and tidy package the way the Republicans have (although even their neat and tidy package isn't as neat as it used to be). I wish we had nationalized this election, but I can see valid reasons why we wouldn't. If you are going to nationalize the election you have to get everybody on the same page or at least close to the same page, and because of our divergent concerns that's hard to do.

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