Monday, October 16, 2006

Must Things Get Worse before they Get Better?

I hate this question, when asked in a political sense. Because in many if not most cases, the person asking it isn't asking must things get worse for me? Rather the question is, if working class America or middle class America gets screwed some more, will they come to their senses and throw the bums out or have a revolution.

It's usually used rhetorically however, as in Star Parker's latest article. She concludes that the Republican Party being knocked out of power would probably be good for Conservatives; but that the price might be too steep. She's right in the first part and wrong in the second - Democrats are far better than Republicans.

But she's right that a power out of power generally has to tighten up a bit, and often times feels the need to do so. And the Republicans might well do that if knocked out of power. This is making a virtue of failure, but if that's all that's left, well, better that than nothing.

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