Monday, October 16, 2006

The Culture War

Conservatives are eager to fight the Culture War, in which they knock out all non white, non patriarchal, non protestant cultures, and enjoy dominance on the top of the pile, with their fellow real Americans. The rest of us can enjoy our status as second class citizens or get the hell out of America.

Unfortunately for these "real" Americans, years of giving civil rights to ethnic minorities have left white, protestant Christian, heterosexual males unable to assert their dominance over American Culture the way they could at one time. You remember back when people of color, gays just didn't show up on TV and if a woman appeared it was to support a male.

The good ol' days.

Thankfully, a warrior has arisen to take on the cause of poor white protestant heterosexual males - and his name is Bill O'Rielly. He's written a book called the Culture Warrior, and he hopes to lead his fellows to victory over the forces of Secular Progressivism (which I suppose is intended to indicate those who aren't "real" Americans. You know, people like me.). Anyway a Time Blog has a review of it, and it's not pretty. Apparently O'Rielly's zeal to protect "real" Americans has led him to make some pretty big errors. Oh well.

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