Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm tired of writing about Rep. Foley

But like I said earlier, this story has it's own gravitational pull at this point. And there are enough facets that new angles keep showing up that are worth commenting on. Like the one in Marvin Olasky's latest article, in which he echoes Bill Kristol's remarks that the Voters are to blame.

In this case the Voters are to blame because they did not judge Foley's religious nature correctly.
The Bible repeatedly criticizes both heterosexual adultery and homosexual practice. Both reflect a desire-centered view of the world that, if unrestrained, spills over into other areas of life. People, of course, are not always of a piece. A leader with a good marriage might be incompetent in office. A leader who worships immediate sexual gratification rather than God might not seek immediate gratification in public policy as well. But it is unusual for lifelong antinomianism and lifelong discipline to be combined in one person, and when they appear to be, shouldn't we watch for Jekyll to turn into Hyde?
Get that, America? Homosexuals and adulterers are bad leaders.

But of course the Bible has an opinion on whether or not leaders should go to church regularly or should believe in Jesus Christ (well the Christian bible does anyway) or should be a female. I'm not sure the Bible is the best tool to answer 20th century political questions (I do believe the Bible to be a good tool for answering religious or moral questions, on the other hand).

For example, Olasky brings up Clinton as a failure on the Democrats part - I admit that his affair was annoying. He should have known what would happen and acted accordingly, but he let his little president make the call and we all paid the price. That said on everything else he was light years ahead of the current, supposedly moral, occupant of the White House. There's a difference between being less than moral sexually and being an ideologically driven dope.

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