Thursday, December 15, 2005

The War on Christmas - A Handy Scapegoat

For those of you who long for the good old days when Henry Ford blamed Christmas bashing on the Jews, well, Burt Prelutsky has written a pair of articles that blame the current "War on Christmas" on the Jews. But it's ok because Mr. Prelutsky is a Jew, so he's allowed. And if he just happens to say what a lot of White Anglo Saxon Males think, well, that's just lucky for him (and, one presumes, his checkbook).

He wrote his first article last week and today's article is a follow up on that. It's theme is that Christians are great and Jews should be grateful to them. He uses this odd example.
I was lucky to have been born to a Jewish family in a Christian nation. It was, in the main, Christian soldiers who liberated the Nazi death camps. Even if I'm not as Jewish as some of my critics would like, I still believe it behooves us to be openly grateful to our Christian neighbors -- not because we fear future pogroms -- but because it's the decent thing to do.
Of course it takes but a moment to point out that the people who staffed and ran the courts described themselves as Christians too. And many Jews served honorably in the military (they often had the nicknameBrooklynyn" if movies are to be believed).

Then he compares the ACLU and other "secularist" forces to terrorists.
Many of us, Jews and Christians alike, have been annoyed with American Muslims because they seem to spend an inordinate amount of time whining about racial profiling at the airports, instead of condemning the world-wide butchery of Islamic fascists or passing the hat to place a reward on Osama bin Laden's head. Well, to me, the silence of American Jews when it comes to Christian-bashing has been equally deafening.

What truly astonishes me is the patience and good grace with which Christians have dealt with this attack on so many things they hold dear.
Yeah, cause when I think of Bill O'Rielly I think of patience and good grace.

Mr. Prelutsky's article does seem to assume that being Jewish in America (or any other religion) makes one a guest here. This is a Christian Country, and anybody who chooses not to be Christian should be prepared to put up with the Christian Religion being respected and their faith not being respected. I am a Christian (although there are those who would disagree), and I'm not comfortable with that. Rather let us say that this is an American country, and all Americans regardless of their religiopersuasionion are entitled to a certain amount of respect.

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