Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The War on Christmas - The Fog of War

Sometimes, in order to publicize this war on Christmas, the right wing resorts to shading stories a little bit, like in the piece earlier about Pittsburgh's Sparkle Season. Figuring out that particular story took a little work. And who wants to work at this special time of the year?

So, in a gesture of peace and good will to people fact-checking him, including the hated website Media Matters for America (where I got this story), Bill O'Rielly has started telling lies that are ridiculously easy to debunk.
Yeah. I think it's the first time in my lifetime that the United States Postal Service has not had a spiritual stamp for people like you who would like them. And, again, disrespectful. Flat-out disrespectful, insulting you and your beliefs
For those of you interested, here is a picture of the religious stamp currently available.

Now of course that is a 2004 stamp. Apparently they overstocked religious stamps last year, and have a lot left over. That plus the fact that stamps are going up in January (to $0.39, which is a whole other story) lead them to use last years stamp in order to not waste a lot of our tax money. Kind of understandable.

But telling the whole story is not as easy as just flat lieing I guess.

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