Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Victory through Bamboozlement

Working for change has a nice humorous faq up about how the Presidents current plan to win the war in Iraq is laid out.
Q. How does the president define victory?

A. According to a separate 35-page document accompanying the speech, titled “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq,” victory means creating the conditions that allow us to leave.

Q. Is he saying that getting out of Iraq is our only path to victory?

A. No. No. No. A lot of victories await us. Tiny victories and little victories and medium sized victories. Not to say we haven't experienced victories already. A couple tiny victories, a moral victory and an election victory. And if we string a bunch of these little victories together, it could add up to a nice medium-sized victory.
Very funny.

While you are there, you might also check out Tom Tomorrow's latest cartoon, which reflects the Irate Nation blog pretty neatly.

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