Monday, December 05, 2005

Irate Nation Responds

As you will recall on Friday I posted a post from Irate Nation (which by the way, they've fixed. It now reads fine on my computer). As you might expect that post engendered quite a bit of liberal commentary. In response Irate Nation came up with this studied response.
Thank You all for the kind hearted comments. I want to first say that this post was from John Shelleys Journal. I did not author it. He has given me permission to share some of his journal from time to time. And from what I can see it has recieved great fan fair. All the negative harsh attitude is pretty damning in itself for all liberals. Your opinions are very appreciated. Being this is a free country. But wow so much hate from so many open minded individuals confirms that Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder. Im sure you will find peace for all humanity some day. But for now... keep on HATING CONSERVATIVES... it truely shows your true colors.
Great fan fair, eh?

I don't hate conservatives of your stripe; I find them too pathetic to hate. I find it pathetic that in a post calling Democrats "leftist, liberal-demokkkRAT moonbats" which goes on to say "Mentally-ill, left-wing, radical liberalism is exactly what's wrong with America, and what should be exterminated, immediately," your defense is "Why are you liberals so hateful?" How should we respond to calls for our extermination? With applause?

So, like I say, I find these guys pretty pathetic.

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