Thursday, December 29, 2005

Two things I am Tired Of

1. Republican / Conservative pundits giving Democrats political advice.

2. Republicans pretending that that democrats are the source of the mean-spirited partisanship in the capital.

Emmett Tyrell's latest column has both qualities in spades. The core point is one that a lot of conservative columnists are going to be making over the next couple of days i.e. "Things might seem bad for President Bush and Republicans, but they are really great. Who you going to believe, me or your lyin' eyes?" This is a popular variation on that theme, "Yeah things might look not great for us, but have you checked out the Democrats? What a bunch of losers." Or, to put it another way,
The reason for this is that the Democratic leadership is fractured and dominated by people who are hysterical, abusive and oblivious. The things they have called George W. Bush this past year are as excessive as anything Joe McCarthy ever called his opponents, but without the charm or, for that matter, the factual basis.
According to Tyrell, Democrats have one chance. Emulate good old Joe Lieberman. Loudly support whatever President Bush wants to do in foreign policy and keep our mouths shut on domestic policy. That's the way to win supporters and fans.

Well except for this troubling question. Given a choice between Conservativism and watered-down Conservativism, which do you choose? If you like Conservatism presumably you for the full throat kind, and if you don't like Conservatism presumably you stay home on election day.

Or at least that's how it looks to me.

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