Friday, December 02, 2005

The Heart of the Conservative Movement

This is from the Irate Nation; but his HTML isn't working well (at least not with my system), so reprinting the post here.
As the leftist, liberal-demokkkRAT moonbats become more and more unhinged and try to drag America, the brave US Military and President Bush into the liberal sewer that they inhabit, it's time to remember who and what, made America what it is. Our Brave US Military has always been there, to answer the call for Freedom — the freedom from want, freedom of worship, freedom of speech and the freedom from fear; my Dad was among the highly-decorated heroes of The Battle of The Bulge in WWII, as was Dolly's Dad, Mike, in the North Afican Theater of war. They were of the Greatest Generation, from a different time and place. Mom & Dad, Sister Becky, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, white picket fences, regularly-manicured lawns, meticulously-maintained GI-Bill homes, Norman Rockwell paintings, Cub and Boy Scouts, Little League Baseball, Swanson® Frozen TV Dinners, Ike and JFK, high school sock hops, Radio Flyer® wagons, Daisy® BB Guns, Buck® knives, Elvis, Kool-Aid® stands, Thanksgiving and Christmas, capitalism, the spirit of hope and freedom to be what you can be, and so many other personal memories, are whatn my America is made of. I remember Vietnam. God has called us and awakened us, and given us another chance to save what's been given to us, by those who preceeded us. Will we waste it and ignore the task? The torch has been passed. The American Spirit is alive and well, IMO. The Flame of Freedom has been dimmed by those, who were asleep. Finally, we are now awake and well-prepared to do what needs to be done. Our task is far more daunting than our parents and grandparents was: to utterly destroy a murderous, terroristic, theocratic, islamofascist dictatorship of islamic-muslim filth, who demand theocratic world total domination (caliphate) and the forced-conversion or slaughter of us Infidels. muslims aren't a race; they're subhuman, violent, 6th century, dirtbag garbage. Ergo; there's no racism, when calling them the subhuman filth they are: Throat/Head-Cutting muslim-islamic pigshit-filth, or incinerating ovens? I don't see the difference, as they're both left-wing, fascist, commie, socialist, nazi scum. Mentally-ill, left-wing, radical liberalism is exactly what's wrong with America, and what should be exterminated, immediately. Go down on your un-holy muslim prayer rug, lib-dem filth, and die, at the murderous islamics' rusty knives behest. We will persevere, survive and flourish. islam, be damned and utterly destroyed. What's your *Spiritual Account*, worth? How many times did you hurt someone today, lie to someone today, encourage someone today, hate someone today? If the muslim enemy is willing to die for their perverted-deviant-degenerate cause, and we're not willing to die for our beliefs, then, we're completely dead as a Nation. I, for one, am not there. The Culture War rages on. America is on the Frontline For Its Soul.
I'd just like to say I find this post confusing, moronic, meaningless, dimwitted, silly, impassioned, and angry. I assume the author is a jerk, a mean-spirited pit bull, inconsistent, a dope, and has recently purchased a thesaurus. That said, I am going to go, to leave, to take off, to disappear, to fade away, to vamoose and to run off. Till my next post, transmission, communiqué, thought, missive, or article.

Bye, au revoir, have a nice day, keep smiling, dream on, keep on trucking.

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