Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Cal Thomas sez something I agree with

Cal Thomas's latest article is about the "War on Christmas," and it makes a lot of sense.
I have never understood why so many Christians feel the need to see and hear "Merry Christmas" proclaimed to them at stores by people who may not believe its central message. While TV personalities, junk mail letters and some of the ordained bemoan the increasing secularization of culture; perhaps some teaching might be helpful from the One in whose behalf they claim to speak.

Jesus - the real one, not the Republican-conservative-Democrat-liberal one made in the image of today's fractured political culture - said His kingdom is not of this world. Why, then, are so many who claim to speak for Him demanding that this earthly kingdom celebrate Him and His Kingdom?
Yep, Mr. Thomas, for a change, is right on the money.

One of the points in The Godless Constitution (my review of which I hope to combine in one page sometime in the future) is that combining religion and politics will have a bad effect on politics and it will have a bad effect on religion. This is a case in point; fighting over the words Merry Christmas can be just as distracting from the message of the season for Christians as anything secularists are doing. In my mind it's even more damaging, because it is purposefully seeking out a spirit of contention and anger which are antithetical to the spirit of the season.

Something to think about.

Also we'd like to note that Christmas is a scant 11 days away, thus there will be only 11 more days of posts on the "War on Christmas." Presumably I'll find some other obsession in the New Year (the "War on Arbor Day").

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