Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Good Day of Celebration

Well this has certainly been a banner day at Make Me A Commentator!!! First of all out of 88 glances at our webpage 1 person has decided to participate in our contest. That's nearly 1.14%! Out of the 55 people who visited the blog (meaning the stayed a little longer I gather), 1 person decided to participate in the contest for a whopping 1.81%.

For those who wonder how this contest works, read the four potential commentators in this post. Pick the one you'd most like to see more of (right now I'm leaning towards Puke), and either leave your vote in a comment or in an e-mail. One person will get a free subscription to Salon Magazine (by free I mean I'll pay for it). Simple.

I also got information on what my blog is worth. Here it is.

So that's good news. I mean we could be in the red think about how bad that would be. If each post doesn't produce anything, at least it doesn't cost me anything.

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