Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What is a Liberal?

For those of you wondering Rush Limbaugh had a caller on the other day (again from Media Matters) who provided yet another insight into the wily liberal.
I can smell liberals from 10 miles away. I know these people. They are messed up mentally, emotionally because of the fact they have to justify immorality. It's a form of rebellion against God, and so because they're rebelling against God -- that's why they have to justify things like evolution. Because if man came from slime, then they can say they're not accountable to God. So they have to get rid of God. And when you get rid of God -- you elevate abortion, homosexuality, pornography, racism.
For those of you wondering, Liberals have a certain oder about them which comes from regular bathing; makes it easier to recognize.

Oh, and this caller was rewarded by Rush Limbaugh with a free subscription to Rush 24/7. And Vice-President Dick Cheney appeared on the Rush Limbaugh Show on Monday.

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