Thursday, October 13, 2005

On Salon

I'd just like to say that Grumbly Muffin's comments below are not representative of the staff of Make me a Commentator!!! as a whole. I really enjoy reading their political coverage and War Room. Cheery likes those to, and also enjoys their movie reviews. Space Lobster can't shut up about how much he likes "Since You Asked." So we do really enjoy Salon in general, Grumbly Muffin aside.

As for Mr. Almond's article, it wasn't really my cup of tea, but certainly not worthy of the scorn Grumbly dumped on it.

In fact, we are going to be giving away a subscription to Salon as part of a contest (as part of our third anniversary spectacular) in a couple of weeks, assuming we can get our ducks in a row.

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