Thursday, October 27, 2005

An Interview with Bryant


Well this is it.

My first post to my blog, which I (my name is Bryant, in case you are interested in that sort of thing) have cleverly entitled Make me a Commentator. Why should you the adoring public support me as a commentator? There are many reasons, many involving the size of my checking account and my desire for expensive electronics, but I must admit those are largely personal reasons. The best reason I can offer you, the reader, is somewhat simpler.

Why not?

Have you read the comments of some of my fellow commentators? And let me be clear, neither the left nor the right has a monopoly on narrow ideological boneheaded commentators. I use the term boneheaded in the

You may wonder what qualifications I have to commentate on the news of the day. I don't have any, really. I read commentators often, and I have a MA in American History, but besides that my only real qualification is that I have the overwhelming arrogance to believe that my view points might matter to the random reader.

You may also wonder what my personal politics are. I generally lean towards the left on economic issues more towards the center on social issues. I believe in America. That's enough to get started, and I'll fill in the details as we go along.

Anyway that's enough of an introduction. Hope you enjoy this.

Q. So that's the text of your first post, some three years ago.

Bryant. Three years ago tomorrow. Yeah it's kind of embarrassing.

Q. Has the blog lived up to your expectations?

Bryant. Not really. But it wouldn't you see? I had certain illusions when I started this blog, as everybody does when they start something.

Q. What sort of illusions?

Bryant. Oh like that I would reach people. Or get well known. I don't know. That it would lead to something better.

Q. And you don't think it has?

Bryant. Mostly it's gone round in circles. I've done interesting things here, and things I'm proud of. But, well after three years, you have to ask what's next. And the answer can't really be more of the same.

Q. Well one could argue that you've made plenty of changes recently. Adding new commentators for example.

Bryant. Well that wasn't my call entirely; but it has turned out well in part. Certainly I like what McIckleson and Space Lobster have added. And Cheery has taken a lot of the day to day sort of nuts and bolts stuff away from me.

Q. I notice you left someone out.

Bryant. Well . . . I think Grumbly's right, when she says she hurts this blog. I mean she adds a little balance I guess, but I don't think my readers come here for balance. They come for a liberal point of view. I can only imagine what someone who comes here from Democratic Underground and reads one of her posts thinks, but I don't imagine they are in a hurry to come back. But her staying isn't my call.

Q. So what do you think about the future of this blog?

Bryant. Well I'm not as pessimistic as Grumbly Muffin, but certainly anything is possible. Part of me things we should completely shut down the blog and open a totally new one; but another part of me thinks that smacks of desperation.

Q. How do you favor to win the contest?

Bryant. I like them all really. I worry that Puke would create the same problems as Grumbly, but other than that they all seem pretty interesting.

Q. Any final thoughts?

Bryant. Tomorrow is always another day. I guess that's a good motto for anybody.

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