Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Price of Disloyalty

Mona Charen's latest article is entitled "Too many Yes-Men," and it's about White House reaction to the Conservative reaction to the Miers nomination.
Instead of listening to what conservatives are actually saying about the Miers nomination, the White House strategy is to attack the critics. We are suddenly the enemy: elitists, sexists, disloyal, and don't really represent anyone anyway.
Yeah that's pretty rough, Ms. Charen, author of "Useful Idiots - How Liberals Got It Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America," to be accused of disloyalty merely for disagreeing with the President.

We liberals are pretty much used to it by now, but I can understand how Conservatives, after attacking the Presidents enemies (meaning those who disagree with him) brutally, are hurt that the President would use the same tactics against them on the rare occasion that they disagree. But it's really quite easy to understand once you realize that this Presidents number one priority is loyalty. And criticizing the President is not Loyal (to this administration the term Loyal Opposition is a contradiction in term).

At any rate, I suggest you follow the course Rush Limbaugh has outlined and focus on how much you hate liberals. That will cheer you up.

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