Friday, October 14, 2005

The Liberal-Haters

We all know that Bush-Hating or Bush-Bashing is wrong right? The Conservatives love to harp on how we liberals hate Bush, and it's bad. It shows that we don't have love in our hearts and it shows that we don't have a positive agenda of our own. Bush hatred is just plan wrong, darn it!

Well, yesterday Rush Limbaugh stepped up to the Golden EIB microphone to answer the suggestion that the Conservative Base isn't as eager to support the Republican Party that nominated Harriet Miers. And let's look at the reasons Limbaugh gives for why the Republicans will stick together.
The liberals have no concept of how they are perceived. The media, Democrats, have no concept of how they're perceived, but I'll tell you what we haven't forgotten. We haven't forgotten forged documents to try to bring down a president. We haven't forgotten "Bush is a Nazi." We haven't forgotten Abu Ghraib. We haven't forgotten Club G'itmo. We haven't forgotten the efforts to demonize and criminalize Republicans and conservatives simply because they are conservative and Republican. We haven't forgotten all of the character assassination, the filibustering of qualified men and women to sit on the federal appellate bench. We haven't forgotten any of this -- and we're not going to forget it because an attack on all of those people is an attack on us. We have not forgotten that they think we are racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. We are nowhere near having settled the score with these people . . .
Hmmmm. To me that reads a bit like the big reason to stay together as a party is hatred for democrats/Liberals. But I think when you are hating Liberals there's no problem. It's only hating President Bush that is morally questionable.

I'm curious, by the way, as to what Republicans remember about Abu Ghraib. Do they remember the awful abuse, much of it inflicted on innocents? Or do they remember that Liberals are rat bastards for having complained about such abuse? Yeah probably the latter.

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