Monday, October 31, 2005

The Alito Files

Going to start gathering as much information on Alito as I can over the next few days. My initial impression of him is that he is a right wing extremist; but I want to look at all the information first.

Salon's War Room has two stories on cases he was involved in.

* In 2001 there were four first degree murder cases, including James William Riley, in Kent County, Deleware. The Prosecution ensured that not one juror in these four trials was black. Riley challenged this on appeal. The majority on the appeals court felt that he was in the right (saying ". . . is it really necessary to have a sophisticated analysis by a statistician to conclude that there is little chance of randomly selecting four consecutive all white juries?"); Alito dissenting.

* In 1991, Alito argued that the state (Pennsylvania) could prevent a woman from having an abortion without notifying her husband.

That's a start.

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