Thursday, April 07, 2005

Testing the Theory

Time to put this "Scare-my-readers-into-doing stuff" technique and see if it really works (read the next post if you are wondering where I got this technique). I have bad knew for you. Without supporting this site, I'm afraid all sorts of bad stuff is going to happen.

Aliens are going to invade the earth and force you to perform The Two Gentlemen from Verona in the park in underwear. Not your underwear. Somebody else's underwear. And please don't imagine it will be particularly flattering underwear because it won't.

Alright, so I'm exaggerating. A little. But still if you want to avoid this fate, or fates like it, you need to support this site. By . . . uh . . . reading a poem. Yep. If you don't want perform Underwear Shakespeare, you'd better read a poem. If you don't have any poems handy, visit this site.

Oh, and so I can see if this works or not, report back to tell me how you have supported this site in thwarting the aliens! And tell me what poem you read.

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