Monday, April 04, 2005

Adventures in Amazon Reviews

This won't top my favorite review ever (you'll have to select the yellow text in order to read it), but it's still pretty interesting. It is for the Season 2 DVD collection of Taxi (which I recently purchased). As you may or may not know Season 2 reintroduced Reverend Jim Ignitowski played by Christopher Lloyd. Here's the review.
About method actor Christopher Lloyd (Jim)
A method actor is a very deranged person in real life. Method actors crazily feel they can't play a character unless they figure out that character's motivation! Also, method actor's often really hit other actors (or the method actor gets hit himself or herself) in a scene instead of just faking the hit.This can result in serious bodiy harm. Furthermore, a method actor often does crazy things like staying up late for real just so they'll appear tired. And lastly, method actors often really put themselves into the mood of their characters and they can't easily get out of their character's mood once the director yells "cut". Remember all this when you watch Christopher Lloyd in the second season oif Taxi and on so you don't admire his performance as Reverend Jim too much.
One suspects playing the blissed out mellow Reverend Jim would make Christopher Lloyd less likely to hit someone. One also suspects this review says more about the author of the review than the subject reviewed.

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