Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Nicholas D. Kristoff, writing in the New York Times, takes on the current media climate and trends. Not surprisingly he notes that the people are less trusting of the news media than ever before. He also notes the potential pitfall this might be to reporters.
The safety net for American journalism throughout history has been not so much the First Amendment - rather, it's been public approval of the role of the free press. Public approval is our life-support system, and it is now at risk.
It is a tricky time for reporters, on has to admit. Mr. Kristoff lays too much of the blame for current conditions at the feet of his colleagues I believe. He argues that his colleagues need "More openness, more willingness to run corrections, more ombudsmen, more acknowledgement of our failings."

That's only partially true. While those steps help, it will not stop the right wing from claiming massive liberal bias all the time. The right wing sees no value to real journalism. They only see value in that journalism that is subservient to the values and ideals of conservatism. So they are unlikely to ever shut up about liberal bias.

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