Friday, April 01, 2005

Around the Horn and this Confounded Computo-mo-box

You can tell that these computors were designed by inferior non-American peoples. They are awful. If I were building one of these confounded machines . . . well I wouldn't. I'd hire a young unmarried woman as a secretary.

I am directed to do a review of some of the Liberal Coalition, who sound like a bunch of weak-kneed ninnies. Let's see what they have to say.

Kick the Leftist writes
a note on how the new directer of the World Bank, Wolfowitz is replacing a gentleman named Wolfensohn. What odd names!

A gentleman by the name of Steve Gilliard proves himself no gentleman by using language unfit for a Turkish sailor. He
passionately criticises a woman who runs one of these Computerized Web Logs for failing to dignify the position of running a Computerized Web Log. Apparently this woman, with the odd name of Wonkette, is not a lady either in that she discusses the libations she enjoys publically. It's very confusing, but I think Wonkette is a Estonian name which may clarify matters.

Rick's Cafe Americaine, which must be a computerized web log for a cafe,
is reporting that the President has exonerated himself. I must say you futuristic people should be less trusting of your leaders! Although this President Bush sounds like a good pro-business leader, this report might not have been entirely forthcoming.

I guess one would expect T. Rex's Guide to Life to offer advice, and it does. Apparently
Mr. Rex thinks that just because your candidate fails to garner a nomination or your views aren't wholly accepted in your party, you shouldn't leave the party. Pish Posh! Each person should see them as the center of the universe and demand that the universe mold themselves to them. Compromise? Pish Posh!

this person of Words on a Page. Let him be an example to you T. Rex. He refuses to compromise in the slightest, even if his head is scrambled and he is unable to speak or move. He still has determined to live the life he wishes, no matter who it inconveniences. Why, he is a man after my own heart? Except he seems to be a woman named Wanda. And while I find the sentiments entirely appropriate for a male, woman should not be this demanding.

Apparently you future people have some program called Social Security to help the elderly? Bah! Let the elderly take care of themselves. President Bush has presented a revision to the program that would do just that, but First Draft
reports that Congressional Leader J. Dennis Hastert says that it is not possible. It is nice to see that the uselessness of Congress has remained consistent over the years.

The Yellow Doggeral has a
beautiful ode to Republicans, that I advise you all to read with gusto!

It is hard getting used to this strange future world, and
a post by archy makes it all the more clear that I don't completely understand you. You mean your teachers are not armed? When I was a lad our headmaster had a rifle he had acquired in the civil war which he regularly showed to us lads. Do not modern school teachers show their students how to use Guns Responsibly? What if a bear or a cossack enteres the class room?

At any rate I shall be back later to provide you the commentary required on the events of the day.

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