Friday, April 01, 2005

Blasted Chinamen!

One nice thing about this modern world is the ability to read the British Press. Do they still feature scantily clad woman in their tabloids?

At any rate, I see that some enterprising computer people have developed an awsome new computo-mo-box weapon against the Chinaman. It's called an online computer game. According to the Guardian it drives Chinaman crazy. Apparently someone named Qiu Chengwei had a sword stolen from him, and so went and stabbed the person who stole it with a knife.

Actually that seems pretty reasonable. Allow me to reperuse
this story.

Ah apparently it was only a pretend sword in this online computer game. So Mr. Qiu believed the sword to be real and then stabbed someone else when he couldn't find it.

Anyway I don't understand the fuss over a sword. Surely the Chinamen have Guns by now? Guns are much more efficient and modern than swords. If I were creating an online computer game it would have lots of guns.

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