Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cal Thomas - Not so Good at Math

Here is what Cal Thomas says in his latest article, on the upcoming Justice Sunday event (in which Tom Delay will participate in a national broadcast that will go to the various churches). "The sponsors of the telecast, a coalition of Christian conservative groups, want a simple majority, improving the likelihood that most of Bush's nominees would be confirmed."

President Bush has put up some 240 judges, 10 of whom has been blocked. President Bush has gotten 95.8% of his nominees. That qualifies as most doesn't it? Of course if you take just his nominees to the appeals courts. President Bush has made 57 nominations, 5 of which didn't come uot of the Republican lead committee, 42 of which were confirmed and 10 of which were blocked by the threat of Democratic Filibuster. That gives him a confirmation rate of 73.7%. Which still seems like most.

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