Friday, April 22, 2005

The Football, the Judiciary

From David Limbaugh's latest article, comes this statement.
It is laughable that they demand an independent judiciary when what they really want is a judiciary they handpick for the express purpose of implementing policy they can't otherwise achieve through the political branches of government. They see the judiciary as both a high-powered vehicle to thwart the democratic will of the people and as a weapon for their side to use in the Culture War. They view the judiciary as a catalyst for social change, an instrument to supplant traditional values with secular relativism, and all the hedonism and licentiousness it entails.
I have to say I think that good old David Limbaugh is engaging in a little bit of projection here. After all the bulk of President Bush's appointments have been confirmed (see the post below). Truthfully I think it is clear that it is he and his allies that want a judiciary completely under their thumb. They have everything else, so why not that too?

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