Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unending War

Cal Thomas, in his latest article, confirms that he and his colleagues in the right wing really do want an unending war.
It is an unending war, at least until one side vanquishes the other side. There will be no truce in this war; no "38th Parallel" as with the two Koreas. This war will be unending, . . .

The Iraq war is not like Vietnam. We can't pull out until stability is achieved and the terrorists lose. Vietnamese communists didn't come after us when that war ended, but Islamic terrorists will and are coming after us.
So unending war, eh? Until the middle east stabilizes and the terrorists lose.

This reminds me a lot of what Rush has said about the Israel-Palestine situation. He says there can't be any peace until one side is defeated. Of course Palestinians are a conquered people by almost any definition of the word. They don't have control of their land, they don't have control of their destinies. They seem pretty defeated. So whenever I hear Rush pontificating on the need to "defeat" the Palestinians, I find myself wondering if they want to take one thing the Palestinians still have, i.e. their lives. Cause certainly if there are no more Palestinians there will be no more Palestinian problem.

Obviously genocide is not a real solution, but it sounds a bit like what Rush is proposing. I doubt Thomas is going that far (although he clearly hates Islam and wants to eliminate that), but us conquering the middle east and pacifying it? He might be bang up along side of that.

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