Friday, May 25, 2007

The Democratic Party Wants Political Power

Stop the presses. It turns out an organization dedicated to gaining political power in order to enact their political goals actually wants political power. What a shocker!

And yet political commentators constantly point out their political enemies desire for political power as if it were a black mark of the worst order. Today's example comes from Patrick Buchanan, who writes about why the Antiwar Democrats can go pee up flagpole, apparently.
Democrats know they are distrusted on national security. They fear that if they defund this war and bring on a Saigon ending in the Green Zone, it will be a generation before they are trusted with national power. And power is what the party is all about.
As opposed to the Republicans for whom gaining power is the last thing on their minds.

The larger point is that the world is on fire, and the Democrats aren't keen on putting it out because if they try to put the fire out and fail, it's their fault, and if they sit on their hands, it's Bush's (and the Israeli's) fault. There's a certain logic here, although Buchanan's instinctual attacks on Israel are a bit tiresome. Certainly Democrats in Congress aren't exactly earning themselves places in Profiles in Courage, 2007.

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