Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm not sure how to title this one

Burt Prelutsky's latest article is entitled "What is it with Jews and guns?"

I'll pause here to point out that Prelutsky is of the Jewish persuasion.

He laments for a bit at the difficulty in understanding such muttonheads as us liberals. And then he tries to figure out why Liberals are in favor of Gun Control and comes up with an interestingly insane theory.
Frankly, having given it some thought, I believe the reason that the Left hates guns so much is because of us Jews. With very few exceptions, we are terribly squeamish around firearms. The fear is totally irrational. It’s not just that we think someone will shoot us with our own gats, but that the guns, themselves, are anti-Semites, and will kill us of their own accord.

Sadly, it’s more than that. They also fear those Americans whom they most closely associate with gun ownership; namely, southern Christians.

Even though America is the most tolerant nation on earth, Jews tend to think if terrible things happened to their ancestors in 15th century Spain and 19th century Russia and 20th century Nazi Germany, it can and will happen here.
Before dubbing us the most tolerant nation on earth, perhaps Prelutsky should review what those Southern Christians were doing between say 1910 and 1960.

Actually I think Prelutsky might have more success studying urban vs. rural support for gun rights, and urban vs. rural suffering from gun crimes. Such an analysis might provide a more logical answer than "Well Jews are liberals and Jews are irrationally afraid of guns."

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