Monday, May 14, 2007

Looking for a Reagan

Star Parker's latest article is an ode to Reagan and a wish that one of the current crop of candidates would be like him. She supposes that the solution to the current Republican Funk would be for the Republicans to put up someone like Reagan.
What happened to the Reagan message that too much government is our problem, restoring ownership and choice, and applying this truth to the entitlement monster and public education as we did when we reformed welfare?

Americans can walk and chew gum. We can talk about things beyond the war. But to do so requires that our politicians display the same courage at home that we're asking our young men and women to put on the line overseas.

The social engineering experiments that our country took on in the last century are failed and busted.
I'm not sure what Parker means by walk and chew gum. The American people have an opinion on the Republican way of fighting the War on Terror. They aren't keen on it. And I'm not sure suggesting that your Presidential candidate will show the same sort of wisdom and forsight as President Bush showed in Iraq in fixing the problems of America is a good pitch.

But I suppose we'll find out.

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