Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Michael Medved's latest article talks about why Democrats prefer legislators and Republicans prefer governors.
In the upcoming election, the two parties will probably select nominees who re-enforce their respective identity as “The Senator Party” and “The Governor Party.” Democrats will almost certainly select a legislator to head the ticket (Clinton or Obama or Edwards) while Republicans will most likely turn to an administrator (Giuliani or Romney--- though McCain remains a possibility despite his exclusively Congressional background).
It's an interesting theory and it certainly has an element of truth. On the other hand, our last successful presidential candidate was a Governor, and Carter was a Governor as well. And Dole, the candidate before Bush, was a Career Senator. Frankly Governors are attractive to both parties, for reasons Medved does not mention. A senator or representative has to vote on dozens of bills, and those votes can be brought back to wound them. Remember the chicanery around Kerry voting against weapon systems some ungodly number of times?

Anyway interesting to consider, but a little too simplistic.

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