Thursday, September 28, 2006


Douglas MacKinnon throws around the word "treason" in his latest article. He limits his accusation to those who leak classified information and those who print it, specifically referencing the NIE report that suggests that being in Iraq may have made us less safe.
We can’t defeat the terrorists if traitors among us eagerly supply them with intelligence that puts our nation and our troops in harms way. Period.

. . . as one who once worked in a joint command at the Pentagon and dealt with classified information on a daily basis, I am here to beg those in our own government and our own media, to stop this suicidal disclosure of top secret information. If not for reasons of obeying the law and patriotism, then at the very least, for the safety of you and your family. For when the terrorists do visit our shores again – basically at your invitation -- your betrayal of state secrets will not shield you, nor your family, from their fanatical wrath.
I do think we on the left are a little casual about leaks - obviously leaks are bad. That said, of course there's a bit of hypocricy about this debate - when President Clinton was President, Republicans were similarly casual about leaks designed to embarrass the President.

That said, calling for the deaths of reporters, while clearly popular, could have the ffect of chilling our national debate. But that doesn't stop some Townhall readers.
Now, why not post some real dead or alive notices with real money rewards, just like you OUGHT to do IF you really think what your article just said. It might get you in court even and then you could REALLY sound off. After all, WE are the people -remember? NOT the so called government hacks. So let some BLOOD flow for real then see who leaks and sides with our murderers -okay? Otherwise just cap it mac....
So called government hacks?

Anyway some Townhall members want to see reporters blood flow - hopefully the Republicans will resist the temptation to oblige them.

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