Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Implications of the Muslim Menace

As regular readers know, Cal Thomas argues regularly to convince others of what I call "the Muslim Menace." In other words, rather than being at war with a relitively few Islamic Terrorists, we are at war with the Muslim War, a specifically religious war, which we must win or be destroyed. Usually he stops right about there, before actually giving many suggestions on how we defeat the hated Muslim. Which makes sense, of course. He wants to gin up hate, but doesn't want to be responsible for any actions that hate might lead to.

His latest article is about the naive and stupid people who fail to recognize us as being at war with the Muslim World. He savages Ed Rendell - a former general chair of the DNC - for suggesting our presense in Iraq might not be beneficial. He then savages John McCain, who will be presumably running for the presidency.
Several Republicans last week exhibited a similar deficiency in wisdom. John McCain, Arizona Republican senator, may have severely hurt his chances for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination by suggesting the United States should be bound by the Geneva Conventions in dealing with stateless terrorists determined to murder civilians. Murdering civilians is condemned by those same Conventions, but the jihadists are not persuaded to conform to these treaties.
This is a wierd argument - the fact that somebody else breaks the law does not give you the right to break the law. Islamic terrorists are murderous bastards, but the solution isn't for the United States to become a nation of murderous bastards. Is it?

He ends with this class based arguement.
It's easy for the elites to talk warm and fuzzy, as if being nice to killers can persuade them to be nice to us. That's because most of the elites have escape routes or bunkers in which they can hide during a future attack. The rest of us are on our own. We should not have to pay for their naivete.
What total nonsense. I for one don't have a bunker. I suspect many of the people who oppose Cal Thomas's particular brand of insanity don't have bunkers. It's well known that the places most likely to be hit by terrorist attacks, our major cities such as New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and so on, are not filled with this type of madness. Rather to find people who loudly agree with smashing Islam, you often need to go to places that frankly aren't high on the terrorists attack list.

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