Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And a Goblin shall point the way

Random Goblin noted in a comment to my previous post that Patrick Buchannens latest article has the distinctive odor of sanity about it. It's pretty well done too. He starts with a quote from Winston Churchill ("To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war."), a nearly unimpeachable source, given how often President Bush compares himself to him. He then reviews the case for and against invading Iran and comes down squarely against an invasion. Or at least invading before we've hashed out all the details.
Today, Republicans and Democrats are competing in calling Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a Hitler who will complete the Holocaust, a terrorist with whom we cannot deal. But the Iran he leads has not started a war since its revolution, 27 years ago, and knows that if it attacked America, it will invite annihilation as a nation.

Bismarck called pre-emptive war committing suicide out of fear of death -- not a bad description of what we did in invading Iraq.

Today, President Bush does not have the constitutional authority to launch pre-emptive war. Congress should remind him of that, and demand that he come to them to make the case and get a declaration of war, before he undertakes yet another war -- on Iran.
Reader reaction to this declaration seems mixed. Some believe that Bucchanan is right, that we shouldn't invade right off. Others believe Buchannan is a bit off the mark, like Maudrid.
Translation of Pat's Article:

"Let Iran go nuclear, let it go unchecked at its underground enrichment labs, let it stock up and point Shahab 5 missles at Israel, let it develop what it wants because I hate Israel and hate Jews, let Iran develop what it wants while it openly displays its intent to destroy Israel...it's no skin off my teeth."

Pat's soft on Islamofascism. He writes about the Islamocization of Western values in Europe but doesn't care if Iran goes nuclear while wearing its intentions on its sleeve.

Choke on your vomit, Pat.
Nice. At any rate, it's clear that Bush doesn't even have total conservative support for an invasion of Iran; I don't see how he's going to get it either.

Anyway thanks to Random Goblin - and go check out his site - he'a been quite good lately. Well he's usually good - but even better than normal this last bit.

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