Friday, September 08, 2006

Counter Offensive

This was pretty predictable, actually. After a few months of Democratic success, the Republicans are swinging back. They have decided that the best ground on which to fight Democrats is the War on Terror. Which is why President Bush is giving speech after speech on the War on Terror and possibly why this ABC movie is being shoved out. They want to change the momentum now; they need to. And that means they also need to recast Iraq as a success.

Enter David Limbaugh, the "smart" Limbaugh brother.
I wonder if Democrats are getting the slightest bit nervous about the news -- hot off the presses -- that Iraqi security forces are actually taking over primary control of defense operations in Iraq.

. . . Things can change weekly in the war, which is why it is risky for Democrats to put all their campaign eggs in the Iraq basket.

Actually, a more accurate metaphor would be that they have put no eggs in the war policy basket, but have been trying merely to destroy the eggs President Bush has placed in the basket. They are relying exclusively on deriding President Bush's policies, while conspicuously and defiantly offering no alternative policy agenda of their own.
We'll have to see whether or not these reports of Iraqi Security forces standing pan out or not - but certainly the American people have seen these sorts of reports before.

As for Democrats not having any eggs of their own - Limbaugh then admits that we do have some eggs - but they are far too general and so don't count. In other words he wants a detailed plan of exactly what we would do in 6 months time, when, as he notes, conditions on the grounds might change dramatically.

But then again we all know why he wants this "plan." He sees how much fun we Liberals are having picking apart President Bush's poor planning in the War on Terror and he wants to get in on the action.

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