Tuesday, September 05, 2006


David Limbaugh has a new book coming out - which means we can see a few columns pushing it, like this weeks. Nothing wrong with that; probably wont' be able to tell the difference to tell the truth. His book's thesis is that the Democratic Party is bankrupt, both intellectually and morally. However it is Limbaugh who is bankrupt.

Limbaugh continues to push the lie that Democrats have put forward no positive program, but only criticisms of President Bush. If you visit Democrats.Org you can see our 6 point program. To say we don't have anything positive to fight for is a lie.

He then has this heartrending paragraph.
It is the party of elites who look down their noses at red-state America. It is the party that snubs Christians and "values" voters yet claims to be their authentic representatives. It is the party that can't decide whether its electoral difficulties stem from its failure to effectively articulate its message or from the wholesale stupidity of an electorate that's too Christian, too much in favor of traditional family values, and too patriotic.
We'll have to see about those electoral difficulties in November. I can say though that I don't think the problem is that people are too religious or too patriotic. I'll also note that this is more or less the same group of people that gave President Clinton two terms in office, so they might not be as virtuous as you think they are.

The Republicans have been in charge for 4 years now - and they've held the White House for 6 years - they've seen what Bush Republicanism is all about. And it doesn't seem like they like it very much.

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