Monday, September 11, 2006

Top 16

I'm on the road tomorrow which is why there will be low posting today and very low posting tomorrow. As is my tradition I made a CD to listen to, the 5th in the Road is Where You Are series. The theme for this one is live cuts, which is why there are fewer of them.

Everything In It's Right Place (Live) - Radiohead
Cities (Live) - Talking Heads
London (Live) - The Smiths
Ballad of Easy Rider (Live) - The Byrds

Cooling (Live) - Tori Amos
Space Oddity (Live) - Nathalie Merchant
Disintigration (Live) - The Cure
Man of the Hour (Live) - Pearl Jam

You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies (Live Acoustic) - Simon and Garfunkle
Pocahontus (Live) - Neil Young
Bullet the Blue Sky (Live) - U2
She Just Wants to Be (Live) - REM

When Tomorrow Comes (Live Acoustic) - Eurythmics
Tangled up in Blue (Live) - Bob Dylan
The Soul Cages (Live Acoustic) - Sting
Warehouse (Live) - Dave Matthews Band

I will note that this version of Bullet the Blue Sky is from the Stay (Faraway, So Close!) soundtrack, and is from the Zoo TV tour.

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