Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Aiding and Abetting

Carol Platt Liebau's latest article accuses Senator McCain (and others) of aiding and abetting the enemies of freedom, i.e. Democrats and Terrorists.
Certainly, it would be wrong for the United States to condone behavior that routinely transgresses the boundaries of humanity and the traditions of civilized warfare. But those who would tie America’s hands likewise must understand that it’s unconscionable to place the lives of their fellow citizens at risk because of their own moral vanity, excessive concern about world opinion, or unrealistic hopes about how our treatment of detainees will impact terrorist behavior. It’s time for Senators McCain, Graham and Warner to demonstrate that they care as much about the safety and security of everyday Americans as they do about the “dignity” of terrorist detainees.
I think it's clear that Conservative Punditry would like to see McCain not run for President in 2008. They are likely to be dissapointed in this desire. But I do encourage Conservative Punditry to continue fighting for torture - it really does put their ideals on display for us all to see.

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