Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Catalogue of Commentators - Issue 6. Mike S. Adams

Howdey Cowpokes and Cowpokettes. This is Durango, the man that's half singin' cowboy and half squintin' cowboy.

This week I have been asked to talk to you about a dude named Mike S. Adams. Adams is a Professor of Sociology and Crime at UNC Wilmington. Apparently being a college professor and a Republican is a real challange in these days. Maybe that's because Republicans in the future are slimy low down dogs. Why Republicans in our day were so fighting mad that the moment they elected their first President, we immediately had a gosh-darn civil war! These days, a little criticism from a fellow proffesser and Adams is off to right a column about how tough it is for him.

He's such a spineless yellowbelly he wrote a letterto his human resources director with the following complaint.
I, too, am now suffering from erectile dysfunction, or ED.

Worse than the discovery that I am now suffering from ED was the subsequent realization that I have been suffering from it for several years. Ever the empiricist, I decided to record the approximate dates of my previous, shall we say, difficulties in an effort to find the root causes of my medical condition. A brief summary follows:

In 2001, I was jogging on campus when I passed a group of feminists marching in the annual "Take back the night" event. After they marched by me shaking their fists and screaming, I first experienced ED. They certainly took back that night!
Perhaps if Mr. Adams had gone to sing with the feminists, he would not have experienced ED, which sounds bad, even if I don't totally understand what he means by it. Still I am convinced there are no problems, not even erectile dysfunction, that can't be solved by singing.

Take this column where Mr. Adams wrotea letterto the Arab world.blockquote>I am sorry that every time the terrorists hide, it just happens to be inside a "Holy Site."

I am sorry that Muslim extremists have not yet apologized for the U.S.S. Cole, the embassy bombings, and for flying a plane into the World Trade Center, which collapsed in part on Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which is one of our Holy Sites.See that's just not very friendly. I think hanging around waitin for an apology doesn't accomplish very much. It is better to try to see the other person's point of view and maybe find stuff you both agree on. That's why singing is so great; two people singing together can't help but feel friendly one to the other.

Of course I've noticed Yellow Bellied Polecats definately like forcing apologies out of people.

Anyway Bryant has some thoughts about Mike S. Adams too.
I don't want to be as hard as Durango (well half as Durango) but I certainly think that Mike S. Adams comes off as whiny a good bit of the time. Some of his complaints seem valid (although even in those, it pays to do a little resarch) but many of them are pretty pathetic. Obviously Adams is focused on campus liberalism, and most of his articles are about that. He seems to recognize that that is his strong suit (his articles on other issues don't come off nearly as well). Basically he's trying to answer the question why so many educated people end up as Liberals, and why areas with a higher percentage of highly educated people tend to be Liberal. He doesn't like the obvious answer (being broadened and stretched by College makes Liberalism make more senses), so he, and others of his ilk (cf. Ben Shapiro) argue that campuses are designed to quash conservatives and brainwash kids into being liberals. I can't speak for anybody else, but I'm not sold.
We haven't done all that many articles on Mr. Adams but there is one that really got under Bryant's skin, in which Mr. Adams recommended a raft of anti-Communism books including Ann Coulter's Treason.

And that's it for another week. Remember if you have a problem, sing a happy song and then plug someone in the back. Works every time.

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