Sunday, January 08, 2006

Comic Book panels that Amused Me

I have been collecting the Essential Series from Marvel Comics and now the Showcase Presents series from DC Comics. They are reasonably priced black and white reproductions of old timey series. From time to time reading them I come across panels that amuse me.

Mr. Fantastic's two step process to marital bliss.

1. Buy your wife something.
2. Condescend to her.

Actually I don't want to be too hard on Mr. Fantastic, considering as bad as this panel makes him look, he does have one of the least messed up relationships in comic books.

This one is from Green Lantern, featuring the menace of Sonar, a villain from Modora an obscure Balkin State. Sonar is upset that not enough people know about Modora (which admittedly makes tourism tough), so he decides to turn to super villainy as a way of increasing awareness of his people. In these panels he is at home (as he points out). In fact, this may be the most bizarrely mundane self narration sequence I've ever seen).

Oh for those who are worried about such things, the lettering at the top of the left panel says, "That afternoon, a hard working Balkan rests from his labors. . ."

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