Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Bush Economy

As we go into the State of the Union, in which Bush is sure to tout his economic success, let us consider some recent economic trends.

The savings rate for last year ended up a negative number. Which indicates that Americans are spending all the money they are getting and dipping into money saved previous years.

Since we know, according to Bush Supporters, that this economy is on fire, there can only be one answer. Americans are stupid and spending money like fish because they don't realize they should be saving money.

But wait, why did they save money in previous years (in fact, every year since the great depression, the last time (1932 and 1933) when the savings rate dipped into a negative number), and not this year? Hmmmmm perhaps America is in the grip of some kind of stupification ray that is making us all spend money hand over fish. Er, fist. Given that we know, according to Bush and his supporters, that the economy is doing great, this can be the only logical answer.

Come to think of it, I had a really hard time finding my glasses this morning.

Also, apparently wages are up the smallest amount in 9 years. That's probably just a clerical error. Since we know the economy is going great, I'm sure that America's business owners and managers are just having a hard time filling out all the paperwork to process all the raises they intend to give. Probably another effect of the stupification ray.

So remember, the economy is going great. Who are you going to believe, President Bush or your lyin' eyes.

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