Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Father's Rights and How To Ex Parte The Bitch

This went up yesterday, I should have posted it then, but I was in a boredom induced fugue state and so didn't. The Countess has information about a website where men can find out how to hurt their ex-wives as much as possible (without hurting the kids apparently).

I have had, in the past, some sympathy for the Father's Rights movement. Certainly I think both sexes equally capable of being mean-spirited, vindictive, or cruel. And my first encounter with a messy divorce seemed to be mostly the females fault (although in all fairness, I wasn't like Encyclopedia Bryant. I don't really know what happened, just heresy and innuendo).

I'm guess the solution is for people to stop being mean-spirited, vindictive, and cruel. Certainly that would be better than the course of action, this Father's Right's activist proposes.

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