Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Childlike Fantasy Realms

Hamas, as we all know, did very well in the recent Palestinian elections. This proves the need for genocide. Palestinians do not want peace with Israel, they want to eliminate Israel. So the only sensible solution is to eliminate Palestinians. Also liberals who believe that Palestinians and Israelis can peaceably coexist (in the same region, if not the same towns) are living in childlike fantasy realms.

Genocide. That is what Cal Thomas and Dennis Prager are calling for.

But that's not their main point of course. The main point is that liberals live in childlike fantasy worlds (Prager) or in extreme denial (Thomas).

Palestinians do not have their own nation. They do not have an army (they do have some sort of security force). They do not have control of their destinies. They are kept in racial enclaves. What more can Israel and the rest of us take from them?

Their lives. We can start killing them until they stop fighting back. Perhaps in childlike fantasy worlds where revenge and violence and cruelty leads to a happy ending, after we slaughter a bunch of them for electing terrorists, they will get the message and become nice little lap dogs. But I doubt it.

Once we return to violence as the solution to this problem, the inevitable ending is genocide.

Is it childish to believe there can be peace someday between the Palestinians and the Israelis? Maybe. But it's a damn site better than the alternative.

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